Nine Tanks: Tonight! - Getting In Good Trouble!

Sometimes it seems like our world is unraveling.  It's easy to let the voices of our demons shout down the better angels in our hearts and minds.  Cynicism comes easy.  The problems are too big and the solutions impossible.  Not this time!

Water-borne illness take more lives in Uganda than anything else.  Not only that, but they prevent students from attaining education that would better their communities and change their stars.  The Ugandan Water Project, a Rochester-Based humanitarian organization, has found a solution set that is tangible, immediate and remarkable doable.   Violet Mary is honored to celebrate 10 years of partnership with the UWP and our 7th Annual Five Tanks: Tonight! fundraising event.

The Ugandan Water Project is hosting it's 8th annual Nine Tanks: Tonight! event! It's sure to be a great night with incredible music, fantastic food, fun prizes - all for the purpose of providing clean water to communities in Uganda. Five Tanks: Tonight! sets the audacious goal of doing something powerful to change the world in a single night, and we want you to be apart of it. 

Raise $36,000 [the cost of 9 rainwater systems] in one night to provide safe drinking water to schools in Uganda.

Consider joining us in supporting The Ugandan Water Project.  Click on the link below to join the Five Tanks: Tonight! campaign.

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